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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Upon completion of our first year, it was determined that a revisit of our mission and vision statements was important. The fundamentals which brought the original members together have not changed significantly however, we feel it is important to ensure that all members are in alignment.

Vision and Basic Core Values

Our Vision is to:

  • Live by the values of truth, peace, equality and simplicity
  • Be a loving community looking for goodness in all people
  • Become a pattern and example of sustainable living
  • Hold Maningham as a nurturing spiritual place offering care and support
  • Be multi-faithed and inclusive
  • Maintain at our core, love and care for the planet and all beings, as we face a climate and ecological emergency


The community recognizes the need to get further clarity around mission and purpose. However, there are some basic agreements.  They are as follows:

  • To create a space (one dedicated room) for those less fortunate by 2024. Ie refugees, those displaced by climate change, those marginalized.  We anticipate this room to be a flexible unit with the aim to help others
  • To focus on sustainability projects:
    • Water catchment
    • Alternative power
    • Have enough food growing to meet 60% of our needs
    • We will work toward 75% self-sufficiency over the next 5 to 10 years.

Interested in joining our community?

  1. Please download and fill in our enquirers’ form.
  2. Also write your “Who Am I?” text – (click ‘Download “Who Am I?” format’ for guidance).
  3. Submit both documents on our contact page.
  4. Thanks! We shall contact you and may invite you to a Zoom meeting with us.
  5. Contact us if you are interested in visiting.