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Friendship Co-Housing Community

We pledge that ’in all people we look for goodness.’ We also hold and practice these principles: kindness, respect, mutual care, empathy, confidentiality and we shall respect each other’s boundaries, age, gender and space.

Who We Are

We are a community focused on the care and well-being of each of our members and the greater community in which we live.. We are a diverse group who are very interested in climate change including climate justice, self-sufficiency, permaculture, rewilding, regenerative agriculture, adaptation & spiritual awareness. Our community is for people of all faiths and beliefs grounded in acceptance and the importance of honouring differences.

We Are New

Friendship Cohousing moved into its new property in March of 2021. As a new community we continue to discover, explore and learn from each other and from the land we care for. We are learning and growing as individuals and as a community each and every day.

Where is Maningham?

Maningham is next to St. Illogan Church, five minutes from the A30 and ten minutes (2.8 miles) from Redruth railway station.

Maningham is over 60 miles from Plymouth, the nearest city. There is a large hospital and a cathedral in Truro.

Interested in joining our community?

  1. Please download and fill in our enquirers’ form (“Download Enquirer’s Form”).
  2. Also write your “Who Am I?” text (click ‘Download “Who Am I?” Format’ to view the format).
  3. Submit both documents on our contact page.
  4. Thanks! We shall invite you to Zoom with us.
  5. After some initial getting to know each other we look to invite mutually interested parties to meet at our Enquirers Days.

Our Next Enquirers Day is Sunday 25, August 2022