Friendship Cohousing Community

We have purchased a property, Maningham, and are transforming it into the Friendship Cohousing Community. We are currently in the middle of moving in and it will be a few more weeks until we are settled.

We are creating a centre aiming to enable and encourage people to set up cohousing communities as well as helping with aspects of climate change including climate justice, self-sufficiency, permaculture, rewilding, regenerative agriculture, adaptation & spiritual awareness. Although the community will be for people of all faiths or none, its ethics will be based on the Quaker values of Truth, Peace, Equality and Simplicity.

We wrote a brochure before we moved in, which is now slightly out of date, but here it is if you’d like to read more about our ideas for this community.

Interested in becoming a member of our community?

  1. Please download and read the brochure (above).
  2. Then download, fill in and email our enquirers’ form (below).
  3. Also email us your “Who Am I?” (format below).